Roommate Room

The two bedrooms getting furniture are the main focus. Here we are getting Insley’s room ready.

Here is the ugly ceiling fan. Why was brass evvvver okay?


Here is the set up, because once you take down the ceiling fan there’s no light.


First we painted the ceiling. Then I began the process of cutting in, which is when I paint the edges with the brush.

Then we get to paint the walls. Painting ceilings sucks, because you are painting something white a nicer white and it’s not that dramatic. Cutting in sucks too because it’s boring. But painting walls is GREAT. It’s fast. It transforms the room in an hour.

Then you get your husband to put up a ceiling fan. Somehow, that man is always putting up ceiling fans for me. I feel like he has put up at least ten ceiling fans. Actually, I’m counting in my head and it’s eleven I think. Thank god for husbands and ceiling fans with no brass.



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