Edging on Monday

Mondays suck. I was tired before I started.

Edging sucks more.

Sanding for 48 hours with the drum sander wasn’t exactly fun, but at least you get these super awesome before and after pictures. Edging is twice as tedious and the payoff isn’t nearly as awesome.


Here is the edge leftover from the drum.

The edger is basically a huge rotary sander you control with two hands. Controlling it is like pushing a grocery cart with a stuck wheel. Also,  you have three choices about how to hold it. Either you bend over and stress your back, get on your knees and hobble, or sit on your butt and wiggle. No matter which you choose, you can’t put any weight on the sander or you gouge your floor, so moving around requires abs of steal. Also your face is right up in the motor, which is loud and dusty.


I started out sporting my easy ear plugs.

But, after an hour or so I decided to upgrade.


Look how happy I am!

And the final product is pretty lackluster.


Only three more rooms to go!


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