making the mantel deeper

Attaching the crown molding Making the mantel deeper. I wanted a 15″ board but HD didn’t have any so I bought a 3″ to attach to my 12″. But I also had to buy the clamps, which set me back 30 dollars. So, I removed the packaging very carefully and tomorrow I can take them…

the mantel comes together

On to the second foot. Now I have to build the second box, which will take forever. You begin to see, my dears. Okay so it’s just balancing there, and the sides aren’t done, and I (embarrassingly) did not get a deep enough piece of wood for the mantle. So I’ll need to go to…

the beginning of a mantel

Watch me build a mantel. First, I framed the existing opening. It’s too shallow, this will pull the fire place out some.


So satisfying. Guess how much money I’m going to turn into tile for the base on Facebook!

plans! (this is how we do it.)

Preliminary plans get measured, color coded, and a shopping list made. Now, off to our favorite place on earth with the worst customer service on the planet!  

the fireplace

So I don’t have a “before” picture of this fireplace because I wasn’t exactly planning on redoing it. I hung the mirror over top while cleaning and suddenly was very curious what was behind this boarded up fireplace. After ripping some moulding off, I was committed and yanked and yanked to get the board off….


Making screens. I’ve cut the frame with the corners cut at 45° angle so they fit together. Now I’m routing a groove into the inner edge to fit the screen into.