the fireplace

So I don’t have a “before” picture of this fireplace because I wasn’t exactly planning on redoing it. I hung the mirror over top while cleaning and suddenly was very curious what was behind this boarded up fireplace. After ripping some moulding off, I was committed and yanked and yanked to get the board off. I’m consistently amused at the overkill I find in the house, like the two inch thick layer of caulk holding this board in place when there is a hole big enough to stick my hand through at the top.

Well once I got it open I was pleasantly surprised. The fireplace is intact, and now I understand why the one in the living room looks the way it does. I even found some old tile under the plaster. (The part I painted blue.) I happened to have some heat resistant spray paint, and some mosaic tile from a previous project and it just started to take shape. Next thing I knew I ran out to buy some grout and by the time John came back from a horror movie marathon the entire thing was done. Check out the floating grate. I might add some more molding on sine of the plain parts, but I haven’t decided yet.

Cleaned up the fireplace. Tapped out some of the excess brick. The white stuff on the floor is a levelling agent that should smooth the cracked concrete so I can tile it.


FINALLY. It really begins.



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