let there be (possibly too much) light

Now, I know you are all panicking. “Kirstin, no!” you are thinking. “How will you turn off the light? Will you have to go in the bedroom closet to turn it off!?” Fear not my friends.

installing the new light switch

Switches and outlets have holes in the back to feed wires into. It makes it faster, less likely the wires will fall off when you try to shove the switch back in the box. If you use these holes, remember to tightened the empty screws anyway. Unfortunately, my old house has thicker gauge wire, so the holes are too small for me. So I must use the hook and catch method. Using this method is annoying

the final product

There you go my darlings. John was very surprised. Keeping silent basically killed me

a little bit of magic happened

I added the sink and faucet and new pop drain (Which is the coolest damn thing ever.) And began the tedious task of attaching everything. Nothing reached, because my new sink stands about three inches higher than the old. I learned so much about plumbing in one evening and one desperate trip to Home Depot….

after the walls came the sink

I started removing the old sink, my very first foray into real plumbing. Then I began building my new sink base. Keeping in mind that nothing is straight in my house, and I had a lot of pipes and obstacles. I added a top to my new sink base, and decided to reuse the door…

bathroom reno continued

The thing that finally made the difference between living with my bathroom and fixing it was an article I stumbled on about painting tile. Here was my answer to the floor I hated but couldn’t justify replacing. (Also just the thought of having to move that tub is daunting.)I had to coat the floor in…

a surprise bathroom renovation

It’s time to talk about my bathroom! I’ve been silent for the past few days, but not because I haven’t been working. John has been out of town, and I wanted to surprise him with this reno, and I couldn’t do that and still post about it on the internet. So here are some before…

making the mantel deeper

Attaching the crown molding Making the mantel deeper. I wanted a 15″ board but HD didn’t have any so I bought a 3″ to attach to my 12″. But I also had to buy the clamps, which set me back 30 dollars. So, I removed the packaging very carefully and tomorrow I can take them…

the mantel comes together

On to the second foot. Now I have to build the second box, which will take forever. You begin to see, my dears. Okay so it’s just balancing there, and the sides aren’t done, and I (embarrassingly) did not get a deep enough piece of wood for the mantle. So I’ll need to go to…