This is why I’m crazy

The next time I decide to refurbish a floor on a deadline while working full time and pursing a master’s degree, just shoot me dead and put me out of my own misery.


Thank god for husbands.

Two layers of stain. We had to apply the stain with a rag because when we tried a faster method it looked awful and we ended up having to resand the master bedroom. The stain took days. There was a lot of final high grit sanding involved too. Days. Five days.

Remember that walkway? Covered in linoleum tar?

Then it was tune to poly. Guys, poly does not dry according to directions webbed you live in Savannah, Georgia.

floorsfloors 5IMG_6041

Some things to know about poly.

You can’t have the air conditioning on, cause it will blow dust into the drying poly. It will take two days to put the coats down. It will be hot.

The fumes are so bad your eyes burn. You can’t open the windows cause the windows will blow dust into the poly.

I am so tired. Before. During. After.


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