It was nice to take a break from floors for a few days and written on the walls and ceilings. But John and I are incapable of picking a color for our bedroom right now so attention has to shift back to the floors.

First, the edges were stripped of paint but they needed to be buffed with a fine grit sandpaper. So my sawdust break was over.

Then the floors have to be totally clean. I accomplished this with about twenty swiffer cloths, after I swept twice and vacuumed. That sawdust is no joke. You can also use denatured alcohol or low order spirits to clean the floors. You don’t want anything with water or that will leave a residue.


Then we could get to the fun part. Stain is pretty much a wax on wax off process. You work in patches, spread the stain, wait about five minutes, then wipe it off.


And the first stained room.




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