A HUGE project in a SMALL bathroom.

Welcome to my next hair raising project.

This is my first year as a school teacher, so it’s my first summer off. Since the day I applied the plan was to spend my summer fixing my dad’s bathroom – BEFORE THE TUB FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR.

20170604_011338      20170604_011608

20170604_011437     20170604_011529

No, I’m not actually kidding. The bathroom looks nice at first, (why, because I repainted it about eight years ago) but after a while you can see there’s some serious water damage happening behind the scenes. It has caused the bathroom floor to slowly rot and the mold has spread.

20170604_011457    20170604_011449

Above you see the two corners of the tub. Now, on the outside of the bathroom you can see some of the damage at the water access panel, below.


That’s the access panel, covered by a piece of cardboard. Why? Because the drywall dissolved.

Here is my brother’s closet, which shares the wall with the tub.


So, there are some serious problems to be addressed, but I am doing a lot more than that.

Here is a picture of the current layout.

Current layout

And here is the layout we are hoping to achieve, although my perspective is off and the tub doesn’t appear long enough.

hopeful layout

So, I am taking away my brother’s closet, and gaining about a foot by bumping the bathroom out into the hallway, up to my brother’s doorway.

But I want to do a lot more. Here is what I’m hoping to do:

I am going to install a soaking tub.

Install a HEATED tiled floor.

Tile the wall of the shower, the side of the tub, and of course the floor. Tile will help keep that water OUT this time.

Add built in shelves in the tub.

Replace the old copper water hookups.

Install a small at the source tankless water heater so the soaker tub can be filled without running out of hot water.

Install new toilet.

Remove closet from bedroom and close up the wall.

Remove carpet from bedroom. Install a new floating wood floor. (maybe heated, if money allows.)

I have 28 days left to work on our project. The large items have already been ordered. Demo starts this week. Hang on tight.


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