The run (coop 7/?)

20170514_211454First, I went and got a piece of wood to use for the roof of the nesting box. I painted it white, though I’m either going to have to shingle it or replace it every few years.



Then it was time to start work on the run. I’ll be honest, we have reached the point where I stop taking as many “in progress” pictures because I just want things to be finished.

First, I built the “floor” which was just a square of wood with hardware cloth attached.

Then, I attached the first studs of the run to the side of the coop and attached the door, which uses auto shut hinges to help it stay closed. The screen door was just a cheap wooden one, I removed the screen and replaced it with hardware cloth.


Anybody else think my coop looks like it is very surprised?

Then, far corner studs, which are significantly shorter in order to allow the roof to slope. The roofing panel is just laying on top here so I can judge the height of things.


I added two pieces of wood across the top, with hardware cloth stretched across them, then attached the roof panels on top of it.

All that is left to do to the run is attach hardware cloth on the three sides, and I will not take any pictures of this process because I HATE hardware cloth and I have the cuts, punctures, and scrapes to prove it. To cut it you have to snip each tiny little square with wire cutters. It’s obnoxious to cut, difficult to shape, and has to be secured with a hundred staples. So I won’t be using my phone while I fight it.

I’ll check back with you when I’m doing fun stuff again, and when I get some daylight pictures.


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