Doors and Plants AND CHICKENS (coop 6/?)


I ordered a batch of succulents to help fill the green roof, along with a bunch of sedum. I also ordered a creeping rosemary plant and some creeping thyme. Strong smells will help keep pests away from the chickens.

I filled and planted the roof, but I didn’t take any pictures because I did it in the dark. It’s not that impressive to look at right now anyway, it will be better after the plants take root and spread. I will say, hauling an entire 20 pound bag of dirt up an eight foot ladder was harrowing. Also, that roof is not going ANYWHERE.

Is most of my work done at night? Well, kind of. It’s HOT in Savannah guys.

Remember that slanted roof? It means the doors must be slanted to accommodate it. No, the windows are not crooked. It’s an illusion.  I used cabinet door hinges to attach the doors. They are actually really light doors.


Notice how far the bottom of the door overlaps the floor of the coop. Its about six extra inches. That is so that nothing can squeeze under the door and get to the sleeping babies.20170507_230827

Hey it looks kinda like you could keep chickens in there.

SPeaKInG of CHickENs!

Nuggets Acquired.


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