Right wall and Solar Panels (coop 6/?)

The right of the coop is where the run is going to be. This entire side will eventually be covered by a roof. It has the door to the coop, and also the fans.


This was my first adventure into solar power and there was a LOT of research. Most solar powered things require a battery system, where the power is harvested and stored then used. I didn’t want to do this – I only need the fans to run when the sun is shining, not all the time.

I used two cabinet fans. They run on USB cords and are made to cool down your entertainment center. You can find them here. Each one of these fans requires 1.6 watts to run on high.

To power the fans I used these USB solar panels. Each produces 2 watts, which would be more than enough for the fans. They work GREAT, even in partial sunlight. I used some scraps to build tiny platforms for them to sit on.


The cords will tuck up into that little alcove to keep them away from curious chickens. Now, they don’t create a strong breeze or anything, but they will keep the air from stagnating inside. Between the green roof and the fans the babies should stay cool during the summer.


One step closer!


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