John dares me to build some chairs

So the windows are drying and I embark on a new project. I’ve been wanting some nice patio lounge chairs for a while. I’ve been stalking sales, but I’m very specific about what I want, and I can’t find anything under $200 PER CHAIR! So one day last weekend I was complaining about this to John. And he said, jokingly, that I could just make chairs instead. Joke is on him, because about ten stunned seconds later I had the basic draft worked out in my head. The past week I’ve been researching plans, but none of them are exactly what I want so I’m improvising a collaboration of three different plans. Features include: arms wide enough to sit a coffee cup. Sloped seat and closed in arms to feel bucket like and combat the sloped floor of my porch. 4×4 legs so there is no way my butt will break them. Custom fit to the cushions I’m about to buy.


A car full of CHAIR. Now, food for the cats and food for the husband before I can get started.



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