final chair making thoughts

So some final thoughts on chair making. Overall the entire project cost under a hundred dollars, including the awesome rapid dry cushions that were sixty percent off, the throw pillows, the wood, the screws, the wood glue, and the varnish/stain. I dont know exactly because I have a lot of wood left (maybe even enough…

guess what?

I bought a stain/varnish combo for the chairs. I’ve never used a combo. It’s oil based. I spent the past four hours in the Lady Cave with it. It’s pouring Ericka, so I couldn’t open the door. I’m high as a kite.


So the cool thing about using jigs is it let’s me “dry run” the chair. I’ve decided the seat is too high, (13 inches is pretty standard, but the cushion is big) and I can change it really easily by removing the jigs.

a chair begins

That, my darlings, is a splinter and slice free chair arm, curved lightly.

John dares me to build some chairs

So the windows are drying and I embark on a new project. I’ve been wanting some nice patio lounge chairs for a while. I’ve been stalking sales, but I’m very specific about what I want, and I can’t find anything under $200 PER CHAIR! So one day last weekend I was complaining about this to…