The Bach Pad Bathroom

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that this bathroom is used by three men. I wanted it to be updated, sophisticated, and not even a little bit girly. The accent tile gave me the reds and browns and greys, and the white subway tile and tub brought in the white accents. I decided to stick with the browns and whites and greys and work with geometric shapes so that the bathroom was not girly.


Here we have the original vanity, painted grey and with a new fixture. Mixed woods with the two tone basket and the bamboo soap dispenser and the dark wood mirror.


Around the mirror I added some art – which I made by gluing some meat twine on the back of some coasters. I was also installing the drain at this point.


The new toilet is a dual flush low water toilet, which I got on clearance for 68 dollars.


The shelf gets some marble and bamboo and wood pinch bowls.


and the beautiful shower with added rug.

It’s OVER.


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