repairing the walls and paint!

I never thought I would be done tiling the shower. I thought I would die cutting pencil tile on a precise 45 degree angle to fit in an inside corner and I thought I would never feel my fingertips again because of the thinset and grout.

but once it was FINALLY done it was time to start replacing the drywall and fixing up the walls. 20170724_212146

The big piece on the left is because that is where the shower used to be. The big part on the bottom is where the tub ripped apart the drywall on its way out. And the hairdryer is to help dry the plaster faster because I was in a damn big hurry at this point.

Once the drywall went up, (and was patched and sanded and dried and patched and sanded and dried) it was time to paint!



This picture is just so you can remember what the wall looked like before. Just in case you forgot.

Meanwhile, some other things needed some paint too.


chalk paint is lovely because it can go on pretty much any surface. I got some pushback on this, because the “nice wood cabinets” are “in good condition” and the oak “matches the kitchen” (ugh, yes, don’t remind me). If you look on the bottom left corner of this cabinet, you can see that the “nice wood” is peeling off like a sticker. What a weird thing for wood to do! On the inside door of this cabinet was a full length sticker telling me about the quality of the wood and the stain used and blahblahblah. The doors are wood, I’ll give them that. The rest of the cabinet is particle board. I feel ZERO guilt about painting over it.


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