Coop Walls (coop 3/?)


It’s like a barn raising! 20170430_151959

Although this seems simple, it really really wasn’t. Because one side is taller than the other. That creates a slope on the roof so that the water will drain out of the green roof. So the bottom half of the wall is a perfect square, but the top half is not.

After I built one wall, I really did NOT want to build the next. Buuut I kept going. 20170430_221617

Here is the second wall, with the side walls attached. Yes, it’s dark out. Yes, I was working until near midnight.




Here is a little detail of the corner joists. There are brackets as well, but they are more there to help me create a true corner than to really hold up the weight.





It’s a box! A giant box. I decided to leave it on it’s side and try to paint as much of it as possible before hand.

Painting is important for the coop, both inside and out. Inside, the goal is to create a smooth gloss finish on all surfaces so it will be easy to clean. Outside, the goal is to protect against rain and not offend the neighbors.


Insley took a picture of me while I worked. Enjoy the rare glimpse. Also, check out the tomatoes! Oh yeah, and a WALL.


Okay it’s almost impossible to see but there is hardware cloth (which is a much safer better alternative to chicken wire, which is actually pretty useless for keeping chickens) on the bottom and back. I will get a detail shot of it this weekend, in daylight. You can see the slope on the roof now.

I actively resent going to work right now. I just want to stay home and build. I can not WAIT until this weekend.


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