Starting a CHICKEN COOP (coop 1/?)

I have wanted chickens for years. Why? Umm, this is a loaded question I have a hard time answering. I can tell you the obvious reasons, fresh eggs, farm to table, blah blah. It’s not really true tho. I mean, I like eggs fine, but whatever.

The real reasons are more complicated. My garden is a my wonderland, and it operates in a cycle. Chickens help round out that cycle. I can grow things to feed the chickens, I can feed the chickens the left over parts of what we don’t eat, and I can use the chicken poop to feed the plants. So, that’s the real reason. Poop. The circle of garden life. This is also why I want bees.

Also, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A SILKIE CHICKEN?silkie-chickens--30013

I’m going to snuggle these flufferbutts so much.

So after a visit from m my baby nephew reminded me of my ticking bio clock, I thought, WHY WAIT? LETS HAVE BABIES. WITH FEATHERS.

Things to consider when getting chickens:

Laws: I live in DOWNTOWN Savannah. Two years ago they passed an ordinance allowing urban chicken coops. I am NOT allowed a rooster though.

Predators: We have a local hawk, a call her Marahute. (the eagle in Rescuers Down under is voiced by a hawk, not an eagle). We also have possums. Mice. Snakes. Raccoons. Squirrels. All of these things can hurt chickens, steal their eggs, or steal their food.

Space: chickens ruin everything. I don’t even have them and I already know this. They kill all plants, they poop on everything. Space must be planned accordingly. I don’t intend to allow my chickens to ruin my garden. Therefore, I can not have very many chickens.

So we begin the process of building a coop!!


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